A New Foe List

By Gideon Mutai


I never had them before

Or if there were,

I couldn’t easily pinpoint them

Except for the universal enemy


I am going to create a new list

Yes, a list of mine enemies

I realized I need them more

More than I need my friends


You gonna make me stronger in life

Invaluable lessons you taught me

I now know how to deal with people

Because of you my enemy


It is not based on merits

That you qualified to be my enemy

But you desired that I have a foe list

Fortunately, you’re top in the list


I don’t know if I’ll pray for you

And love you as I do my friends

Rem’ I am a human being like you

And I don’t recall pampering my enemy


It’s so sad that it takes long to make friends

But only few seconds to create enemies

You shouldn’t have suffered business create rift

Think of where we have come from


I beg to end with this stanza

Many elucidations will dilute my message

Unusually, I will become busy now onwards

So won’t be communicating as usual.


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