Am not Gonna Do It

By Gideon Mutai

Today he came in without a knock
I rem well ’twasn’t time for the clock
And had forgotten to lock the door
But I could not do it anymore
I didn’t care if I was to lose my job
In just giving him a blowjob

Today she sent me to the river
I rem I was about to deliver
And no break had I known before
But I could not do it anymore
Always playing the donkey’s role
Hey! I care today for my soul

Today he gave me another buff
Or else I would face it rough
Do I say I wasn’t going to do it?
Indeed I was tired if am to admit
I was a slave then if I may say
Surely I had gone far astray

Today she decided in her heart
From addictions she must depart
Master-abation she has been doing
While feelings of guilt kept accruing
She was not gonna do it again
And all who hear say a big Amen

Today she made many resolutions
In a bid to make life substitutions
Little did she involve Mighty Father
To you it might not be a bother
But to her it meant a relapse
The thought of it made her collapse

Today she woke up to jot it down
When not one soul was around
Atop she crowned with a prayer
And resolved not to ever despair
For her Mighty God would answer
And removed away would be her cancer


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