Inspired to Sire 

​Inspired to Sire

by Gideon Mutai
The other day I was inspired to sire
This is what transpired: 
A robust classmate worked hard
And that makes us all glad
Not only in the field of betting,
But also in the field of getting
He got a bouncing baby boy

Oh, what a great joy!
He has already bought him a toy
And a house help ready to employ
Much about him and the next king of betting
Unlike him I am slim but my eyesight not dim

I am going to sire, yes, it is my desire
If need be I’ll also hire a house help
Not unless she will conspire against me
And my young home gets on fire
I will talk to my supplier to come with brier
And attire for the wedding day choir
I’ll also require a flyer to invite all
Since I am renowned high-flyer

Did I say I am tired of carrying them kids?
Since adolescence all through now
They are beckoning to be released
Can’t withstand the ever changing temperatures
Being escalated up and down intermittently
Enclosed in a small cage with no turnover
Their location is nondescript

What am I saying?
I am inspired to sire


Anti-Exam Fever Vaccine

By Gideon Mutai

All preparations were in place that day
Except for parasitic fear which wasn’t at bay
She sluggishly trudged to the exam room
As they prayed and wished her the best of luck
Hesitantly, she waved back and went in


Papers were issued out to everyone
You can bet the colour had not changed from the usual
“You have two hours to attempt all the questions.”
Roared the no-nonsense exam invigilator
The parasite forgot the symbiotic relationship with her
He breached the contract and started devouring her


As the invigilator paced up and down the room.
FEAR relished on that little activity
Small beads of sweat started forming on her brow
Her eyes were swelling progressively
She suddenly busted into tears as she turned over the first page
The bladder seemingly enjoyed the ordeal
How it suddenly got filled up I cannot tell
It also gave way following his accomplice


Who would have known she was expectant
If not for the end of year exams?
We saw a little bouncing baby lying on the floor
And dangling from her pelvic region a cord
Exams had to be interrupted
‘Twas not in vain anyway
As my colleagues found it opportune to consult
While few assisted in carrying her way


The reports later came
That the doctor diagnosed her with exam fever
That precipitated all the events
And she was given anti-exam fever vaccine IV BD X 4/12
The baby was just a result of injurious exam fever
Which has since time immemorial been pandemic
I was left wondering if he was a real doctor or just another quack


Either way, I also want anti-exam fever too but dread the pain
Yes, the pain of daily injections for four months every year
Can’t it be made to be easily swallow able?
Or coated with chocolate?


What did you say are the side effects of the vaccine?
Bosom friendship with books in and out season
But how about my allergy for books?
It runs in our family
The mother of my grandfather to the uncle of my niece had the same problem.
He used not to pass well in school
It has manifested in me again
But just give me the vaccine, I will deal with the consequences later.

*BD–Twice a day

Happy New Year 2016

By Gideon Mutai

Happy new year 2016
A year of many happy returns
It came subtly as a serpent
And seemingly gentle as a dove
It’s indeed a new year

A year of new thoughts
New dreams and aspirations
New chances
New changes
New resolutions
New challenges
And new life
But the same God of the mountain
Who was, Is and will be
The God who changest not

Let it be a new year
Of improved performance
Of surpassed expectations
Of fulfilled dreams
Of exceptional happiness and joy
Of true love
And a year of holistic development

I wish you, yes, you-
And your family, friends and relatives
A happy new year of choice

Call me Crazy

By Gideon Mutai

You will call me crazy
Or even think I am lazy
But don’t forget my name is daisy
Thank God my vision is not hazy
To note your handsomeness
Indeed you are awesome
But just call me crazy daisy.

Your smile sends waves of ecstasy
Yes all the way down my spine
Talk of a surge of happy hormones
So in your pursuit I’ll not resign
And my request don’t decline
But your ear to me incline
In you my worries I’ll confine
And we will our hopes and goals combine
Even as our targets align
When the marriage certificate we’ll sign

How good is to love and to be loved?
And more so when that love is true
And every morning it is new
The common colour being blue
I think without much ado,
I’ll clear my throat and utter “Yes, I do”
I know this sounds weird
But just call me crazy daisy

The impossible with Him it is
He has done great to the family of Liz
We are not an exception
Remember this is not a misconception
Or perhaps a bad perception
Begin thinking of where we’ll have reception
As you stop calling me crazy daisy
And call me sweetheart and darling and dear and…

Life on the Edge

By Gideon Mutai

Sound of the approaching wagon roused her
With her young daughter she went on her toes
And as fast as they could joined #team scramble
The husband was on the other end too
Working on increasing the odds for the day

First was the mouldy yeasty fermenting bread
Next was the half eaten carrot wrinkled and rotten
I am certain he doesn’t have congenital anosmia
But to the smell he has adapted
Food comes first, smell or aroma comes second
He ate the pieces ravenously before digging deeper

Mining in the huge heap of dump is their daily duty
They don’t have an excavator but hands do better job
The rate limiting factor is the stiff competition
From the increasing number of enrolling students
Oh no! It’s not even their choice
They found themselves in that school
They don’t know who mum or dad is
Let’s just say for now they were accident victims

Living from hand to mouth is the order of the year
Living one day at a time is their philosophy
Come rain, come sunshine, they still afford a smile
If they get it or they don’t they’ll still live another day
Where they sleep I cannot tell
I guess they only need where to put their heads
You are talking of shoes? That is luxury
Some even don’t have legs so what’s the need?
Latest phone you mentioned? That’s a different world
They can live without them

I don’t know if they get sick
And if they do, very few of them are taken to the hospital
The doctor in the biodata will write, “Street family”
And social worker will work to waive their bill
Keeping them in hospital is even advantageous
They will never pay after all
And they will be assured of better meals and sleep
They don’t mind going back to the streets after discharge
Where else would you want them to go?

I live like a king, not on the edge, not from hand to mouth
But I will still complain, cry, whine, wail, mourn
Because I was not bought for the latest dress in fashion
I also don’t have the latest classic phone
I crave for that latest sports car, Vitz is a mockery
I am sleeping on a small 4 by 6 bed with just a duvet
With a small 21 inch TV; I desire a larger screen
So as to watch the latest movies from Hollywood
Following all series and premier leagues

In prison, someone remorseful is suffering
Longing for the day they will be free
But I use my time discussing how people are wicked
And how they should be locked up forever
Little do I remember I was also a prisoner of sin
I don’t even feel the freedom that I have
In any case I am still a prisoner
Technology has made me a slave
Diligently and always apportioning my time to it
Thinking that it has made life for me easier

Nature is weeping because of my actions
She has warned severally of what she is capable of
Soon her patience will run out and she’ll turn against me
Global warming, landslides, bad air and what have you
Is her anger towards man
But the haves and the have-nots will not be affected
After all they have been exposed to all extreme conditions
They have developed resilience
All because they are living on the edge

I Resign… Not

By Gideon Mutai

I resign…not
My input has been thwarted
Because it was not reported
The competition was real hot
And I thought all I got was a blot

I resign…not
‘Cause I wasn’t born with a silver spoon-
In my mouth
I am turning round to South
I have bidden bye the silver screen
After all am no longer a teen

I resign…not
I’ll always press on towards my goal
In the school of excellence I’ll enrol
I might have to crawl all the way
Towards where I see the ray

I resign…not
The past I’ll not dwell in
The present leaven I’ll bin
In a bid to get to my destination
For a jump start, I need activation

Last Respect

By Gideon Mutai

Young vibrant and determined was he
Classmates and relatives will agree
Seemingly he wasn’t challenged
Socially and
Even spiritually
In any case he was gifted
Just say holistically

He would work with dexterity
That earned him popularity
A chief supporter of solidarity
His comedies were greeted with great hilarity
Not long before manifest unbecoming peculiarity

He left too soon, it’s always too soon
For death, no moment is opportune
Leaving many with unanswered questions
To his problems sought he not suggestions
Insinuations might help explain the loss
His coded acrostic poem I came across

He loved not his life to death
With the last breath,
He uttered
“Save my soul from Sheol oh Lord”
This cannot be underscored
But the big question remains
Did he have any constrains?
Or perhaps unsaid disdains?
He should have therefore aired his complains

He changed many lives unknown
But his life now we bemoan
Did he take it away?
He should have left his problems at bay
Was he struggling with addiction?
That led to the sedimentation?
I thought all was conquered by His crucifixion

I now understand his affliction
There is always a raging war
But for him not anymore
By the way this is not fiction
He needed to die to self
For Christ to live in Him

If he fought a good fight I cannot tell
In our hears he will always dwell
If he was pure in heart,
And from evil he did depart
I will see him again some bright morning
In the place where there is no mourning

Many speculations about his departure
Some who didn’t know him still come
To pay the last respect
No one knows who paid the first
The situation yes, is reversed
That is how his unexpected departure was.