I Resign… Not

By Gideon Mutai

I resign…not
My input has been thwarted
Because it was not reported
The competition was real hot
And I thought all I got was a blot

I resign…not
‘Cause I wasn’t born with a silver spoon-
In my mouth
I am turning round to South
I have bidden bye the silver screen
After all am no longer a teen

I resign…not
I’ll always press on towards my goal
In the school of excellence I’ll enrol
I might have to crawl all the way
Towards where I see the ray

I resign…not
The past I’ll not dwell in
The present leaven I’ll bin
In a bid to get to my destination
For a jump start, I need activation


Spoken Word Poem 1(Motivational)

By Gideon Mutai

They always say as they pray,
That aspire to inspire others before you untimely expire
So I have come over here to do exactly that

Did you know that,
It is your attitude, more so than your aptitude that determines your altitude?
Remember to always give gratitude
No matter what latitude you find yourself in

Discipline is when pain precedes pleasure
And judiciously using your leisure
Not as a man without principles or under pressure
It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher
And success will come without measure

Who said developing a reading culture is boring?
Look around at the people who are scoring well
They, like an eagle are soaring to heights unknown
They are not like sleeping lions just roaring
But not ready to start exploring
And the little animals ignoring.

You got to have a noble dream
And let it be known to the Supreme Being
Wet blankets may deem it unwise
And think you are traveling downstream
But let not your self-esteem go to the gutter
Just like Joachim during his regime
Be a member of a team and your image redeem
To become the cream of the society.

Determination, Dedication and documentation
Concentration, Co-operation but not confabulation
Will lead to certification in your education
And not discontinuation, disorientation or disqualification

What does that mean?
It means you take less time watching animation in anticipation
for examination
All along spending time in either classification, calculation of equations
and estimations
Taking caution in adaptation to the new environments
not to pump into the administration
And that may take you to School of Aviation be it in Nairobi or Johannesburg
You don’t need an illustration because this is not an exaggeration
We will attend your graduation if you hold on to your aspiration
So, cessation of bad habits, appreciation of worthwhile efforts
and association with the right company is called for

What more do I have to say before I go away?
Hey, you may have to weigh the options but don’t delay or else you will decay
Play every day but don’t disobey those in authorities
By that you will portray the big picture. Okay?

That was my message in abbreviation.
You now got the activation key
To do some reorganization and renovation for accreditation.


By Gideon Mutai

Patience was walking down the road
When he run into Time
The daughter of Perseverance
As eyes have no curtains,
Feelings no boundaries,
And thoughts no limits,
Patience admired Time
He fell in love with her
And thought of marrying her
The two merged together
After Time taking Patience’s proposal
As expected of every family
They begot children
Improvement was their first born
Second were twins, Joy and Happiness
Their last born was Victory a.k.a Triumph
They established an ever happy home!

Magic of Love

By Gideon Mutai

Love is indeed humble as a dove

That made Him come from above

That made Him hung on the cross

To make me utterly free from dross


Love makes life complete

That I don’t need to repeat

People have died for the sake thereof

He from above and Valentine below


Valentine’s Day it has come to be

I know you may not come to agree

But it speaks of love volumes

Just seen by people wear costumes


History I may not be good at

But for someone put off your hat

And show love to the unlovable

Even those loving back not capable


Here is the conclusion of the matter

Your resources you may scatter

But love fail to portray its picture

And only end up with stricture


I would have loved to write another stanza

But I’ll run late for the extravaganza

Until next time take care of yourself

And your bad habits put on the shelf

Revival and Reformation

By Gideon Mutai

Health is the greatest treasure

God has given us without measure

It should be a source of pleasure

But we discard it in our leisure


We got to reform our ways

To make the initial fire ablaze

For we see nigh draws the end days

Though at times our passions betrays


Revival and reformation we need

In the five quintuplet years ’twas agreed

Showers of blessings we plead

Rem’ with prayer and fasting we’ll succeed


We pray daily for the latter rain

For Jesus made it all plain

That our labour will not be in vain

The kingdom of heaven we’ll gain


Humble Spirit and contrite heart

Is what you need for a start

The Lord’s Spirit will not depart

Only if you play your part


A long poem I’ll not write

With the Lord make your ways right

Incomparably, He’s great of might

And will take over your fight


Last word I will leave

Latter rain you’ll receive

That is if you believe

And in heavenly treasures remain naive


Always trust in God

A thing to do not odd

Remove that facade

And with me take a nod