Inspired to Sire 

​Inspired to Sire

by Gideon Mutai
The other day I was inspired to sire
This is what transpired: 
A robust classmate worked hard
And that makes us all glad
Not only in the field of betting,
But also in the field of getting
He got a bouncing baby boy

Oh, what a great joy!
He has already bought him a toy
And a house help ready to employ
Much about him and the next king of betting
Unlike him I am slim but my eyesight not dim

I am going to sire, yes, it is my desire
If need be I’ll also hire a house help
Not unless she will conspire against me
And my young home gets on fire
I will talk to my supplier to come with brier
And attire for the wedding day choir
I’ll also require a flyer to invite all
Since I am renowned high-flyer

Did I say I am tired of carrying them kids?
Since adolescence all through now
They are beckoning to be released
Can’t withstand the ever changing temperatures
Being escalated up and down intermittently
Enclosed in a small cage with no turnover
Their location is nondescript

What am I saying?
I am inspired to sire


Call me Crazy

By Gideon Mutai

You will call me crazy
Or even think I am lazy
But don’t forget my name is daisy
Thank God my vision is not hazy
To note your handsomeness
Indeed you are awesome
But just call me crazy daisy.

Your smile sends waves of ecstasy
Yes all the way down my spine
Talk of a surge of happy hormones
So in your pursuit I’ll not resign
And my request don’t decline
But your ear to me incline
In you my worries I’ll confine
And we will our hopes and goals combine
Even as our targets align
When the marriage certificate we’ll sign

How good is to love and to be loved?
And more so when that love is true
And every morning it is new
The common colour being blue
I think without much ado,
I’ll clear my throat and utter “Yes, I do”
I know this sounds weird
But just call me crazy daisy

The impossible with Him it is
He has done great to the family of Liz
We are not an exception
Remember this is not a misconception
Or perhaps a bad perception
Begin thinking of where we’ll have reception
As you stop calling me crazy daisy
And call me sweetheart and darling and dear and…

The Blanket

By Gideon Mutai

I have been sleeping under one blanket

The doctor advises I add one atop

Considering my advanced age

Or else I catch cold

“Time and tide waits for no man”

He added.

“Sink or swim”, I told myself

I crossed the Rubicon in the nick of time

Heading towards the ‘Blankets’ Supermarket’

“How much does this blanket cost?”

I asked after examining it judiciously

“It is five hundred shillings

I’ll not tell you where it was made-Indonesia

I’ll not tell you how it was made till it is spick and span

This is what they call Raymond

I assure you that no man has used it before

Putting all these on the tapis,

The blanket is worth its price!” He answered

I had no other way of paying for it

But to exchange my five cows

For the extraordinary blanket

Not knowing if it could cover me

In summer and in autumn

When my purse is heavy and when light

I don’t know if I should pin my faith on this blanket

Till I return to the soil

From which I was made