Call me Crazy

By Gideon Mutai

You will call me crazy
Or even think I am lazy
But don’t forget my name is daisy
Thank God my vision is not hazy
To note your handsomeness
Indeed you are awesome
But just call me crazy daisy.

Your smile sends waves of ecstasy
Yes all the way down my spine
Talk of a surge of happy hormones
So in your pursuit I’ll not resign
And my request don’t decline
But your ear to me incline
In you my worries I’ll confine
And we will our hopes and goals combine
Even as our targets align
When the marriage certificate we’ll sign

How good is to love and to be loved?
And more so when that love is true
And every morning it is new
The common colour being blue
I think without much ado,
I’ll clear my throat and utter “Yes, I do”
I know this sounds weird
But just call me crazy daisy

The impossible with Him it is
He has done great to the family of Liz
We are not an exception
Remember this is not a misconception
Or perhaps a bad perception
Begin thinking of where we’ll have reception
As you stop calling me crazy daisy
And call me sweetheart and darling and dear and…


Teacher Turns Preacher

By Gideon Mutai
He began by reviewing the previous lesson
As his custom was
We all knew well he was a teacher
“Any science not in tandem with the Bible is not science.”
He began.
“The first surgery is recorded in Genesis”
Continued the lecture.

The lecture was nice I can confess
How he weaved scriptures with science
Left many with mouths agape
“Woman was made from a rib.
That forms the basis of cloning.”

Barrage of Bible quotations followed
With a falling and rising intonation on words
He began moving about the room
Taking advantage of the stage
Needless to say he was generous
With the use of gestures and mesmerism.

I don’t know when he began preaching
But am pretty sure he began with teaching
Students and teachers on windows
Told me it was no longer teaching
Some went to be prayed for 
When he made a call
He promised to continue with the lesson
Next time God willing.