Inspired to Sire 

​Inspired to Sire

by Gideon Mutai
The other day I was inspired to sire
This is what transpired: 
A robust classmate worked hard
And that makes us all glad
Not only in the field of betting,
But also in the field of getting
He got a bouncing baby boy

Oh, what a great joy!
He has already bought him a toy
And a house help ready to employ
Much about him and the next king of betting
Unlike him I am slim but my eyesight not dim

I am going to sire, yes, it is my desire
If need be I’ll also hire a house help
Not unless she will conspire against me
And my young home gets on fire
I will talk to my supplier to come with brier
And attire for the wedding day choir
I’ll also require a flyer to invite all
Since I am renowned high-flyer

Did I say I am tired of carrying them kids?
Since adolescence all through now
They are beckoning to be released
Can’t withstand the ever changing temperatures
Being escalated up and down intermittently
Enclosed in a small cage with no turnover
Their location is nondescript

What am I saying?
I am inspired to sire


I don’t care

By Gideon Mutai

I don’t care
You may be wondering why
‘cause I don’t care
Unless you think I am awesome
In which case you are right

I stopped caring about anything
Think of me what you want to
Talk of me what behooves you
But remember one thing
In all, I don’t care

I serve a Mighty God
And I cannot stoop so low
To a fellow human being
To get what I want or desire
I only care of what God desires of me

I don’t care if I pass or fail
It doesn’t define my destiny
Nor portray who exactly I am
Exams has not been a good standard
And that is why I don’t care

I don’t care if I die
Since death is not part of life
But negation of life
I only care what happens thereafter
Will I wake up to eternity or condemnation?