Magic of Love

By Gideon Mutai

Love is indeed humble as a dove

That made Him come from above

That made Him hung on the cross

To make me utterly free from dross


Love makes life complete

That I don’t need to repeat

People have died for the sake thereof

He from above and Valentine below


Valentine’s Day it has come to be

I know you may not come to agree

But it speaks of love volumes

Just seen by people wear costumes


History I may not be good at

But for someone put off your hat

And show love to the unlovable

Even those loving back not capable


Here is the conclusion of the matter

Your resources you may scatter

But love fail to portray its picture

And only end up with stricture


I would have loved to write another stanza

But I’ll run late for the extravaganza

Until next time take care of yourself

And your bad habits put on the shelf