Joy in Sharing

by Gideon Mutai

I had a good friend

She loved to laugh a lot

No wonder Joy was her name

I had a precious file

Which my friend didn’t have

And so decided to share with her

She started reading the file

As I also read the same file

And joy filled my heart

I had not been understanding

As much as I do now

Probably because I had the file alone

I am now unusually happy

Only after sharing the file

I call it the joy of sharing

How good is it to share!

You create more space to receive

And always wallow in the joy of sharing

(The above poem was inspired by my classmate called Joy whom I shared with her some Pathology Revision notes as we were nearing our End of 3rd Year Exams)




By Gideon Mutai

Patience was walking down the road
When he run into Time
The daughter of Perseverance
As eyes have no curtains,
Feelings no boundaries,
And thoughts no limits,
Patience admired Time
He fell in love with her
And thought of marrying her
The two merged together
After Time taking Patience’s proposal
As expected of every family
They begot children
Improvement was their first born
Second were twins, Joy and Happiness
Their last born was Victory a.k.a Triumph
They established an ever happy home!