Happy New Year 2016

By Gideon Mutai

Happy new year 2016
A year of many happy returns
It came subtly as a serpent
And seemingly gentle as a dove
It’s indeed a new year

A year of new thoughts
New dreams and aspirations
New chances
New changes
New resolutions
New challenges
And new life
But the same God of the mountain
Who was, Is and will be
The God who changest not

Let it be a new year
Of improved performance
Of surpassed expectations
Of fulfilled dreams
Of exceptional happiness and joy
Of true love
And a year of holistic development

I wish you, yes, you-
And your family, friends and relatives
A happy new year of choice


Foreword (of The Optimist’s Creed)


The feeling of hopelessness and regret after missed opportunities is a constant reminder of our pessimistic past. But it is dangerous to keep this as our platform to dive into our future. It is through adapting change that we make regrets past and use our past as a learning library through which our potential is unveiled.

The The Optimist’s Creed aims at bringing out the potential in you. This is brought out in a way never heard or written before. The Author uses examples that the reader identifies himself or herself with. This allows the reader unravel their potential in the easiest way possible.

Reading this book transforms your weaknesses to strengths, your promising past to a future of possibilities and your thoughts to actions and achievements. No matter who you are, where you are, what your thoughts are and how you perceive yourself, this book is there to lead you in burying your fears and weakness and maximizing your strengths.
It is a book I will recommend to everyone who wants to transform their aspirations from a tiny mustard seed to a giant tree of achievements.

The best time you should have read this book was the first time you were able to read, the next best time is now.

Dr Nyangaresi Justine
Founder Health Consult-Kenya